Too Faced Foundation

Too faced have just launched a ground breaking new foundation called “Born This Way’’ 

This revolutionary foundation is infused with a combination of Coconut Water to replenish moisture levels, Alpine Rose to brighten the skins appearance and Hyaluronic Acid for a smoother more youthful appearance. 

It is medium to full undetectable coverage, oil free and available in 12 versatile shades 

This foundation is pure perfection! I have put it through its paces and it performs so well.

This teamed with the Too Faced Bronzer and Highlighter is just epic, perfect for that summer glow. 

Available at Debenham’s stores nationwide and

Price €35.00

How to Create a Quick and Easy Top Knot Bun

In this Tutorial I have included some of my very best secret Pro-tips that I am delighted to share with you.

This Top Knot is so easy to re-create, and I think is the perfect look for any occasion, from the office to a wedding. It’s super chic and stylish!

The foundation of getting this look correct is taking time to get the perfect ponytail this is so important, also making sure that the pony is centred and not too high on top of the head.

The products I used in this tutorial

1. Dry Shampoo

2. Strong Hold Hairspray

3. Tigi Serum called Afterparty

4. Tigi Shine Spray called Headrush

In this video, I shared two game changing Hairfairy Pro Tips so you ladies get that professional finish.

If you would like to leave a comment on the video of some looks you would like to see.

How to Create The Perfect Beachy Waves

Ever wonder how you could create the perfect beachy wave look at home? We've the answer below!

This week I am back with a slightly different approach, I thought you ladies might really enjoy a Hair Tutorial.

A quick and easy video you ladies can follow along to and try recreate your own sexy beachy look! Which by the way will be a huge summer trend.

For this look I used a 2 inch curling tongs, I used it mine just like a hair wand by wrapping the hair around the barrel.

You want to use a large tongs to just create a bend in the mid-lengths of the hair.

Pre styling you could use some dry shampoo to refresh or some texturizing spray for a messier look that will also have extra hold.

I also used some hair spray and some light hair wax at the ends just to define and separate out the waves to make it look a bit more lived in.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this tutorial, if you recreate the look please send me a picture all my links are bellow for my social media

Watch the video below to find out how you can create the perfect beachy waves:

Your Life Changing Guide to Using Shampoo

When it comes to choosing the correct shampoo for your hair here are some questions you should ask yourself.

1. What is my hair type example greasy, dry, fine?

2. My budget?

3. Do you have colour in your hair?

4. Are you more in to natural based shampoos example sulphate free

So I always try and rotate my shampoo quite regularly, every two to three months as I feel it’s always good to change up your hair care routine and also there are so many different ones available we have so much choice and I totally appreciate that! You could stumble upon the perfect shampoo for your hair that will make all the difference.

In conjunction with my normal shampoo routine, I always use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Clarifying Shampoo is used to strip the hair of build up from either products like gels, oils, serums or just oil build up if you have very greasy locks.

A Clarifying Shampoo is life changing!! Ladies after you use it your hair feels squeaky clean and super clean.

The one I really like is Pantene Clarifying Shampoo it really affordable and I just seen it was voted in the latest issue of Vogue’s top 100 products!

Do not use this daily as you can strip your hair too much making it dry but once a week one shampoo is enough.


Sulphates vs Sulphate Free Shampoo’s

Lately in the beauty and hair world there is a lot of focus on Sulphates.

Sulphates are chemicals that are used typically in cleaning for example in cleaning products and detergents.

So many of us now are very health conscious, I think most people choose Sulphate Free products to minimise any chemical intake, on our skin and hair also they are more eco-friendly and carry out no testing on animals.

My view is I think both serve purpose and again we are so lucky to live in a world with so much choice and I feel it’s completely up to the individual. I use both to be honest.

Sulphates are an active ingredient in a product for cleaning purposes, they are what causes your shampoo to foam up when you wash your hair.

When you use Sulphate Free shampoo you may find they do not lather well that is because of the lack of Sulphates in the product. However it is thought to be better for your health.

Latest studies have shown that Sulphates can cause scalp irritation and can cause colour to fade faster and make your hair dryer in texture so always good to try out Sulphate free shampoo to see if you feel a difference.

The price tag on Sulphate free shampoo is for sure more expensive however they can be worth it if you suffer from a skin condition like Eczema or Psoriasis and p.s your worth it :)

8 of the most Basic hairdresser Terminology

So this week ladies I am going to bring it back to basics with some Hairdresser lingo! 

Next time your sat in the salon chair by understanding some of the hairdressers terminology and 

language you will both get an understanding,  which will result in Hair Success.



Bellow I will discuss some hair colouring words/terms and techniques we use daily when consulting with a client.


 Level: Think of a hair colour chart that has 10 levels. 1 being the darkest which is black. And 10 being the lightest which is pale yellow. When we talk about levels we are referring to how light or dark your hair is. If you have medium brown hair, you are most likely a level 6. If you have light blonde hair, You are a level 9. And so on and so on.


Tones: Tones are the base of hair colours. Beige, Gold, Ash, and neutral are bases of hair colour. You also have warms and cools when dealing with tones. A beige is generally a cool tone but some lines have more gold in the hair colour thus making it a warm tone


Toner: You may hear your stylist say you need a toner after bleaching or lightening. A toner is simply a hair colour that is applied on damp hair for between 3-10 minutes. Toners are a great way to cancel out yellow tones while lightening. Also they give you the desired hair colour effect when lightening. For example: When adding caramel highlights, the stylist will bleach you to a higher level, then tone you with the correct caramel colour after.


Highlights: consist of selecting thin or thick strands of hair that are then lightened at least 2 shades lighter than the rest of your hair. Highlights should compliment your natural or artificial hair colour. One misconception of highlighting is that highlights are only blonde in colour. This is not true. Highlights can be any tone or any shade of light or dark. As long as they are lighter than your overall hair colour, these are considered highlights. For example: If your hair colour is black, and you get dark brown tones put in, those are highlights. If your hair is brown, and you have lighter, caramel tones added, those would be also considered highlights.


Lowlights: Adding darker strands, chunks or parts to your overall colour. This is a great way to break up a highlight. Adding lowlights will prevent your hair colour from becoming a solid colour thus making it more of a natural effect.


Ombre: Adding a deeper shade to the roots and then the shade getting gradually lighter as it goes to the ends of the hair, very dark to very light its quiet a daring look.


Lift: This just means to lighten.



12 Simple Hair & Beauty Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Easier

Prepping for your wedding day can seem so overwhelming and as it gets so hectic around those last few weeks before the big day.

Here are some of my own hair and beauty tips pre wedding day to make sure you are organised and beautiful on the day!

1. Make sure you’ve found the perfect hair colour you would like months in advance of the wedding day. Keep on top of getting regular trims and hair treatments/products from your salon or hairdresser.

2. Hair up or down? This really depends on the dress I feel, and also your hair type for example if you have really very frizzy hair it might be best to wear it up and completely out of your way so you won’t have to worry about it frizzing and annoying you all day.

3. Veil or No Veil?? Another big question you need to know, as veils can determine a lot about the hairstyle you choose to get remember the hairstylist needs to have notice of a veil as it changes everything about the look.

4. Get in to a really good skin care routine, I would recommend a course of facials at a salon or if you are on a budget do it at home with a very good face mask and intensive moisturiser. You really want your skin to be glowing that day and this will ensure your make up goes on smoothly and insure it to last all day long. Do NOT get any intensive facials the week of the wedding

5. Book a make-up trial with a few makeup artists, it’s good to look around and see who you prefer and what make up lasted the best. Take photos of each look also and you will get a great indication how the make-up will photograph which is very important. You want to look beautiful, soft and natural.

6. Get those Nails in shape girls!!! This process also needs some time to perfect before the big day, especially if you’re a nail biter get a regular manicure which will make your hands look so good with some cuticle work and keep applying cuticle oil to the nail and it will keep them strong and healthy.

7. If you fake tan, make sure to exfoliate your skin and moisturise well in the weeks up to the wedding. The best thing to do is no fake tan for about 3 weeks before the wedding so when you do apply it, it will look like a bronze goddess.

8. Get some teeth whitening tooth paste! Making sure you teeth are clean and white because you will be doing a lot of smiling on the day :)

9. A few days before the wedding, sit down and make a list of photographs you specifically want for example a shot of you and a grandparent or one of you and a best friend then give this list to the photographer the day of the wedding so they can then make sure they get the specific pictures you want. This makes sure you are not disappointed when you get the photographs.

10.  You may not want to video the ceremony right now, but trust me in years to come you will be so happy to have that moment captured. You don’t have to pay a videographer, just delegate the job to a family member or friend, it is so lovely in years to come to be able to share the moment you became a Mr & Mrs with the grandchildren :)

11.  Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! do NOT try do everything yourself as it will overwhelm you ask give each friend or family member a job this is key, it also makes everyone apart of the day and all people want to do is help you.

12.  Finally on the day remember to take in all the moments, from how you felt getting in to the dress to the moment you see the love of your life. Stay PRESENT and soak it all in, take a few minutes with your new husband alone share a drink together and enjoy every moment.

The 2 Most Common Hair Issues...SOLVED!

Oily Greasy Hair:

In my experience we can all say we have had a bout of greasy hair days at some point in our lives some common causes of this issue can be.


Poor Diet, Hormonal changes (Pregnancy or coming off Birth Control), Hard Water, Product Build up, Fine hair gets oilier faster, Touching your hair too much


Cleaning up your diet less take-away and oily foods. Getting your Hormone levels checked out by a blood test to see if you have any imbalance in the body.

Buying a Clarifying Shampoo and using once a week, this really gets rid of any build-up of oil in the hair leaving it feeling light and really super clean! If you have fine hair resist washing daily! Overwashing stimulates more oils

STOP touching and playing with your hair, each time we touch our hair it is a magnet to dirt and oils from our hands. Change your pillow case every 3 days!, sometimes our pillow cases hold on to all the oils and grime from our hair and face creams thus every night it holds a build-up of bacteria, this is a great tip if you are suffering from Acne also. 


Dry Flaky Scalp:

The loss of skin cells on the scalp is a normal part of life, however when this becomes excessive flaking of the scalp or dandruff is increasingly present, this is a common cosmetic problem experienced by so many people


Dandruff, Dermatitis, Eczema, Your current shampoo not being suitable or too fragranced for you if you're on the sensitive side, being dry from the inside of your body to the outside


A visit to the GP will be able to help you determine if your dry scalp is just dandruff or if it is a little more serious like Dermatitis or Eczema the doctor can recommend specially formulated shampoo to clear all the excess from the scalp and soothe the itching.

Sometimes it can be as simple as changing to a different shampoo one I would recommend for this problem would be Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo it is available over the counter in Boots and most Pharmacies, it is really good for a mild irritation it calms down the itching and removes the flakes.

Being dry from the inside out means you need to up your intake of good quality fish oils, to restore the dryness or consume some more avocados to increase good fats in your diet.

Increase your intake of water, if you have dry lips or skin its usually a good indicator we need more water, sipping all day will keep you hydrated and make you glow from the inside.

3 Spring-Summer Hair Trends You MUST Try!

Finally spring has definitely sprung girls! So this week I have some trends that were super dominant on the catwalk for Spring Summer 2016.

I adore fashion, make up and everything creative, I find inspiration EVERYWHERE!, from colour in Graffiti pieces in the city, to exploring architecture, or Magazine campaigns, to all the women in our city of all different ages rocking out their own personal style.

Trends I feel are a wonderful way of trying something new, taking you out of your comfort zone and embracing change. Just have fun, let go and be you! Put your own personal twist on it.


Tough Girl Braids

Every Spring Summer I always feel that braids come back with a bang but each year a slightly different take on it.

This year on the runway shows from Paris we saw Braids, but a very tough and tight approach not the average romantic soft braid. These braids are Box Braids very tight to the head, similar to a cornrow, full of structure and severity, or think prim and proper school girl with a severe pony with a braid trailing down the hair.

These looks were used in the Valentino & Celine runway shows.  Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have been sporting this latest trend in a big way.


Lived-in waving Hair

The lived in waves were seen in Calvin Klein and Chloe SS16 shows. This is for sure the most wearable and current trend, that subtle look of waves no curls! think if you curled your hair and you know how it looks just a day or so after curls, really textured messy and rough!( bed head).

To achieve this look the easiest way is after you wash your hair, put it up as if you were going to put a pony tail in, but twist the hair around on itself in to a top knot then put the band on last around the hair. Sleep in this and the next day when you take it down it looks super wavy and sexy.

Or you can use a wand but take random chunks and leave out at least two inches at the ends of the hair, this creates a bend in the mid lengths and not a curl. For added drama and texture use some salt spray or hair texturizing spray it makes it look more lived in less pretty.


Messy Buns

This trend is going nowhere fast ladies! It’s been going strong now for a while! I personally love it as it can be done in a high or low bun and styled with accessories to spice it up a little more! Also perfect for ladies that are on the go and super busy. The designers who were sporting this look in their shows were Balenciaga, Tory Burch, and Rag & Bone.

Another look that I think looks super cute is two messy buns high or low on the head and I think this summer at festivals this look will be huge! So ladies I hope this has given you some Spring Summer inspiration for your tresses!

Q- If you have any Hair topics you would like me to cover please Tweet them to me or comment bellow and I would be happy to try answer some of your questions :)

7 Time Saving Tips for People with Thick Hair

Hi Girls! In this weeks topic I will be covering how best to manage thick unruly hair. Having very thick hair it can be really difficult to control and it can be a big frustration to you.

It does not have to be, you ladies are so blessed with luscious locks (hear my envy)! With the right tips you will show that hair who’s the boss!

1. Get in to a Hair Routine! Having no structure in your weekly hair routine you are already off to a bad start. We need to have a plan in place around your life, as in gym sessions, work events when you have to look on point and fierce! At the start of the week plan out the days that you will be working out and the days you got to look great for work. Get strategic about your hair washing and styling habits it will make your life so much easier and save you time messing around with your hair. I have a post here in detail on setting up a hair routine


2. Get a great haircut ladies! if you have super thick hair you can get a haircut that will thin out some of the bulk in the hair, with my girls I see at my studio, I like to leave the hair long enough that the weight will keep it down but I will also go in and thin out any unnecessary thickness and bulk. I know the thoughts of someone thinning out your hair is so scary, but if it’s done correctly it is life changing, it can take about 30mins off your drying time. If you are feeling super brave! This is not for everyone, you could get a super cool undercut. This means you shave one side or the underneath section of your hair. This is a great tip if you’re a real gym bunny as the hair underneath gets so sweaty when you work out having it gone solves that problem, again not for everyone.


3. Do NOT cut thick hair really short! I repeat don’t do it! Cutting thick hair super short you would think it will make it handier but I disagree I think it makes it so tough for the client to manage. When you have thick hair leaving the length in will automatically weigh it down and make it easier to handle.


4. Invest in a really strong Hairdryer. Get one that is a professional standard we measure this in Watts so my blow-dryer is a 3500 watt which is super powerful. It will cost up to €100 but it really lasts you a long time and also dries the hair super-fast and really professional, with less frizz and more shine and sleekness.


5. Braids are really big at the moment, as we see Kim Kardashian sporting this latest trend also its been all over the runways in London and Paris. Braids are so perfect for thick hair because you have tons of hair to work with!! Braiding one side or all the hair it can look so well put together and also a time saver. There are tons of braid tutorials online and books on how to braid hair.


6. Donate it! If you are feeling brave and have really beautiful hair and want to help someone else in the world who needs your hair more, you could donate it to charity, in Ireland we have here you can donate the hair to be made in to wigs for people who have losttheir hair due to illness.


7. Usually Thick hair comes with some frizz issues! So fight the frizz with moisture that is what frizzy hair craves. I recommend leave in conditioners and hair nourishing treatments regularly. Using Moroccan oil or Argan oil reduces frizz and drying time by half! 

8 Life Changing Tips for Fine Hair

This week I am going to be giving some top tips for fine hair. As I myself fall in to this category its something I deal with on the daily.


So here are some of my top tips to make your hair look fuller and healthier. 

1. As I have mentioned before I think true health begins within and your hair tells us a lot about your health.So eating a well balanced diet is a great place to start. 

Making sure to eat plenty of fresh foods, proteins and good fats such as Avocado & Coconut oil.  

It will not only improve your hair but your skin and general health. We need to nourish our bodies so we have healthy hair growth. 


2. Find a Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner these will swell the hair so when you blow-dry the hair appears much fuller and thicker, these are specially formulated for fine hair so give these a go and you will notice a real difference. 

They cleanse the hair without weighing it down, sometimes normal shampoo can be just too much for fine hair and will make your hair dull and limp. 


3. Switch your Parting! this is such a great way of making your hair look thicker.Most people have one side that is naturally thicker and the other side will be much finer, so put your parting nearer the centre and not such a deep side part it will even out the hair thickness on both sides.


4. Use a root booster spray before you blow-dry the hair.These sprays will create lift and volume at the roots and will hold the hair in place all day making the hair look so much thicker. 

Also ladies using Velcro Rollers they are a fine haired girls best friend!! after blowdrying place some velcro rollers all around the top section of your head and leave in for 20 mins until the hair has cooled down.

These will give you the most volume and make your blow-dry look as if you just stepped out of the salon. 

You can pick up Velcro Rollers from Penneys. 


5. Get a Volumising haircut, when you have super fine hair the thoughts of getting layers can be so terrifying but If you get the correct long layer in your hair with a blunt baseline you can make your hair appear much thicker. 

Make sure to have a good consultation with your hairstylist before getting the chop and ask for there advice, just because you have fine hair it does not have to be boring. 


6. Get some Volumising Colour, I find if the hair has very little colour added it can appear much thinner as when we add colour it swells the hair shaft making it feel fuller. 

Also when we strategically add colour correctly to the hair we can create an optical illusion of depths and tones, this will create dimension and give life to fine hair. 

Getting the correct colour in fine hair can make all the difference! we can use it to frame the face create shade and light in all the right places.


7. Turn down the heat!!! I cannot stress this enough, If you have fine hair with colour or highlights in your hair do not use heated tools often as it will cause the hair to very brittle and break.

Use Heat protection sprays when applying heat to the hair. 


8. Purchase a hair filler piece! after all my experimentation with extensions over the years many times, I have come to the conclusion that really taking the time and improving the hair you have by all the tips above is the best option.

Extensions are wonderful for a short time but all that weight attached to your natural hair is not good for it.

I found attaching one clip in filler extension is the best solution to all the problems.

Its temporary which I love! no use of heat or glue and can be worn on occasion for that added boost of thickness. 

Also its a one off investment in price and is much cheaper than a full head of extensions. 

You can find these clip ins from:

Curly Hair Hacks

To my gorgeous naturally curly haired ladies, this week I am breaking down some top tips to keep those curls under control.

I know curly hair is really difficult to manage at times and always tends to look super when you have no where to go! how typical lol.

These tips come tried and tested and with stamps of approval from my clients.

I understand every curly haired lady has different hacks that work for them, however I hope you get something new from these hairfairy hacks.


1. Do not use too much shampoo or conditioner with curly hair less is more in this situation. 


2. When washing curly hair try not rub the hair too vigorously as this creates friction which can 

create frizz so be as gentle as possible not to make a huge nest when shampooing the hair.


3. When towel drying the hair after washing, do not put the towel on the top of your head place it on the hair 

and downwards like a low pony tail, gently squeeze out excess moisture again do not rub vigorously. 


4. Add Curling products first before brushing to mid-lengths and ends then using a tangle teaser or wide comb, brush 

gently from ends upwards this will evenly distribute the curling product through the hair for perfect application.


5. My Favourite recommended curl products all tried and tested from my customers are Aveda Be Curly Range available fromBrown Thomas prices start around €25.99 , also Amika Curl Cream available from my studio €25.99 or


6. The best way to put the curl back in to the hair after combing is section the hair off in a horse shoe section,  then take random pieces then twist around your finger until it looks similar to a dreadlock, repeat all over the head until all hair is twisted. 


7. You could natural dry the hair but I much prefer to use a Diffuser as it gives better definition and volume to the curls.

I always get a client to flop all the hair forwards and place the hair gently in to the diffuser, thisdistributes the heat more evenly and dries the curl with less frizz.


8. To finish add about 4 drops of any hair oil such as Aragon or Moroccan oil this is a great tip as it keeps curls extra hydrated and will keep frizz away all day long. 

Curly Hair craves moisture so keeping it hydrated without making it too soft is key! 


9. Get your haircut very regularly as it keeps your curls bouncy fresh and full of life.  

3 Things That ARE Damaging YOUR Hair

My approach to Hairdressing has always been a bit different, I want my clients to have the best hair possible not only when they step out of our session, but I want to educate and improve people’s life’s, that’s my goal. I want to change the game in my industry.


My approach to hairdressing I would like to think is quite holistic, firstly my studio is a private space, so people can relax in the atmosphere and tell me there hair goals and problems, from there I like to put a plan in place on how I can help and achieve the best possible results for each client as every person’s needs are so different.

I don’t want to be a quick fix for clients; I want to make them really think about their health and wellbeing from the inside out.


1. Poor Diet

Having a diet full of take aways and over processed foods can make the hair and skin very dull and oily, so start limiting your intake of fast foods.

Hair is made of mainly keratin, and it needs protein to grow and stay healthy. Great sources of protein are in chicken fillets, eggs, fish, and lean beef.

Increase your vegetable/Fruit intake - the fresher the better. These are full of micro nutrients. The easiest ways to start increasing your fruit and veg intake is with smoothies or juices made at home to be sure of no added sugars!

Another Key component for super nourished hair is collagen; this can be taken as a supplement from a health food store or by drinking Bone Broth: Primal Piggy has an amazing blog for health and fitness/ recipes here!



2. Stress

We all know what it feels like to be super stressed and overwhelmed these days! With massive to do lists and so many jobs, we all can reach total overload.

Stress can cause hair loss and more severe stress can cause problems like alopecia which is bald patches on the scalp, it is very distressing and upsetting.

I feel life’s pace is so so fast these days so the best way to combat the stress is to meditate daily, there are wonderful apps you can download for free on your phone which will track and remind you to meditate. (Some apps that I use are: Calm and Headspace).

Another form of stress relief I love is to get creative. Get a mindful colouring book, they are so enjoyable to colour in.

Lastly - actively un-plug from social media or devices in the early evening as they can really affect your sleep and it gives your body time to get in to sleep mode before bedtime.


3. Your Environment  

There are a few environmental factors that can cause poor hair quality such as hard water, this can make the hair very difficult to clean therefore creating a build-up in the hair it can make it feel very dry and brittle.

Hard water is full of lime and can cause havoc with your hair colour it can cause your hair to have a greenish tinge. Also changing temperatures during winter months going from cold, damp air outside to hot, dry air inside can dry the hair out and make it static and frizzy.

Not forgetting to mention the sun, which is also another factor that can affect the texture and colour of your hair, making sure you use some UV protection when in the sun is vital to keep it from drying out and fading in colour. A good leave-in conditioner will nourish your hair while protecting it from harmful sun damage.

I feel this is best approach to beautiful healthy tresses, holistically if the body, mind, and soul are healthy you will exude health and wellbeing from the inside out. 

Balayage, Ombré and Baby Lights, Explained

What's the difference between Balayage, Ombré and Baby Lights? Hairfairy explains!

Every week at my studio I see so many clients all trying to explain the desired hair colour they would love to achieve.

In hairdressing at the moment there are so many different techniques, used to create totally different looks with colour.

So I will explain the 3 Most popular hair colouring techniques of the moment, so next time you go to the salon you and your colourist can be on the same page!


Balayage is a French word meaning sweep or to paint, it’s a really soft natural result. This technique is meant to mimic a child’s hair that has been lightened on the mid length and ends by summer sun.

So think about the base being a really natural soft brown colour, then the outsides and the tips being much lighter and around the face.

Balayage is applied freehand mostly, using a paddle spatula for painting colour direct on to the hair.

It is a really hot trend right now because of the A list celebrities that are now wearing this trend so well , think Khloe Kardashian or Jessica Alba.

This is perfect for the girl who wants low maintenance colour and maybe wants to give the hair a break from all the full head foil highlights.


Ombre again another French word meaning shaded or shading. This look has really dark roots and then a gradual fade to lighter ends.

The Ombre word is now not only being used in the hairdressing world, but now extends over to the beauty world, think Ombre lips and nails!

Ombre can be a great way of darkening your hair down if it has gone to light, it just gives the hair some depth, but just be warned if you are used to being all over blonde then having dark roots can take time to for you to adjust to.

Ombre is also really easy to maintain and looks great!  lots of people now play around with some pinks and purple creativefashion colours, for a daring creative look.

Baby Lights

Baby lights are super fine highlights that are weaved and put in to foils, my prediction is this summer these will be huge! I think the two other techniques people have been wearing lots the last two years, and I think its time for a change.

So with Baby Lights I use this technique when someone has had Ombre or Balayage and is now looking to go back to some highlights near the roots of the hair.

These can be placed in with Foils or Meche.

They are so fine and natural looking and still you can have some shade with these but it just breaks up the two tone effect.

All of these techniques are fantastic for regrowth and if done correctly should grow out beautifully.


The best thing you can do before the appointment is have a picture of what you love and bring it with you so you can discuss with the colourist. 

6 Ingenious Hair Hacks For The Gym

The struggle is real ladies when it comes to gym hair! so this week I hope some of my top tips will help you girls get on top of this issue. Next time you hit the gym give some of these tips a go I promise they won’t disappoint you xxx


Being a Gym bunny is hard enough without having to worry about the hair struggle! 

I am married to a fitness and movement fanatic so it was no wonder it rubbed off on me, a few years back I competed in the Women's Irish Olympic Weightlifting open. 

I trained so intensively for months perfecting the lifts with my coach/ husband (Jody - @jodywankenobi).It was then I came up with these hair tips and tricks

I did win gold in my weight class and set a record a very happy moment! , However I now lift for fun and enjoy training with my husband in all areas of movement. 


Here are my six secret tips that won’t leave you disappointed!

1. Before hitting the gym apply some dry shampoo to the hair, why before I hear you ask? Because the trick is apply it to the hair before the hair gets full of sweat and oils! It’s so much easier to apply to dry cleaner hair rather than after a sweaty workout when the hair can be really damp.


2. Everyone when they go to the gym generally pulls their hair so tight in a ponytail but doing this all the time and using bad hair bands can cause breakage and also too much tension on the hairline can make the hair get thinner over time.

Use soft, snag free hair ties the best ones I have found are available in H&M for €3.99 and come in a selection of colours.


3. Another trick I like to do in the Summer months is before I go for a workout is shampoo your hair over the bath, then apply a deep intensive treatment to the hair then place it up in a bun before I hit the gym. This works so well because it’s a great way of double jobbing you get your sweat on while your treatment repairs your hair.

Also it’s a great way of keeping you cool if your hair is wet for those hot summer gym days.


4. Avoid over washing your hair after a gym session, I know this can be a tough ask but over washing can really dry out and strip your hair of its natural vitality and oils we actually need them.

So try to get some sort of hair regime going for your weekly gym trips, like go to the gym the evenings you are due to wash your hair, not on the days that you have it freshly blow dried.


5. Gym hair styles do not have to be boring I think it’s a place you get away with a bit of experimentation! get out of your hair comfort zone, for example don’t play it safe every time with a pony tail, Braid it up or think two cute French Plaits, or a textured topknot, hey if all else fails invest in some cute clips or hair bands to stay looking cute but practical at the same time. Penney’s hair range is really great for this.


6. Get some California ‘beachy’ hair by using some salt sprays or texturizing spray, the alcohol in the formulas helps sweat to evaporate.

How to Fight the Fade of your Hair Colour!

3 Ways to STOP Your Hair Colour From Fading


How to fight the fade of your hair colour! 

Have you ever wondered why your hair colour fades so much between visits to the salon?

Well today I am going to give you some of my top tips on combating this issue, so your hair stays vibrant and glossy for as long as possible.



Shampoo is key here!

Are you currently using a shampoo for coloured hair? Chances are that if you are not using one specific for coloured hair, it could be removing the colour from your hair as we speak!

Shampoos formulated for coloured hair are designed to pro long your hairs vibrancy and tones.

You can even get these shampoos specifically for your hair colour i.e. blonde, brunette or reds; they contain some concentrated tone to keep your colour in tip top shape.



Making sure your hair is in great condition will pro long the colour also. The less porous the hair, or less damaged means the colour will take and stay much better.

Using conditioner just is NOT enough, hair needs treating regularly, I recommend once a week or every 10 days.

A treatment will penetrate the hair shaft and repair and restore the cuticles, conditioner will only coat the surface of the hair for a temporary measure.

I would advise you to invest some money in a good treatment because the results will be so worth it!


Heat Protector Spray

We live in a culture where we have access to the best hair tool technologies, for example GHD or curling wands, but these awesome tools can go up to 200 Celsius!!!

When you apply this kind of heat to the hair daily with zero protection, it will totally dehydrate the hair making it really dry and brittle, this also affects the hair when we then go to colour it, as the hair is so damaged it is not able to function and absorb the colour correctly.

With heavily highlighted or bleached blondes I would avoid heated tools and limit use completely.

However if you are going to use them it’s so much better to use a heat protector to create a barrier between your hair and the heat.

Heat protectors you use on dry hair before placing the tool on top.