MAC techniques class

Hey Dolls. Hope you are all well, I have been so busy of late with lots of hair and make up for all my clients.
Just want to do a quick Blog to tell you all about the awesome MAC technique class I attended last saturday in Brown Thomas Grafton Street.
We all had to arrive with no make up on and meet at the Mac counter at 9.45 am, here i was greeted and assigned to the wonderful  Jenni who then matched up my foundation and concealer,
Which was "Face and body" foundation shade C3, and "studio finish" concealer shade NW25.
In the class there was about 15 girls, we were taken from the Mac counter next door to a very cool boardroom headquarters of Brown Thomas.

The fabulous boardroom.

So the main focuses were skin care, prepping the skin, and applying foundation concealer correctly, and also making the make up last all day.
Another focus was eye make up - quick smokey eyes and a perfect red lip.
We began by trying all the latest products, i used the new Prep and Prime skin brightening serum which glides over the skin like silk, very quick to absorb and my skin felt so hydrated after applying it.

Next we all then applied some holy grail Fix + spray which I already have and adore, it refreshes the skin and hold your make up in place all day fantastic product.

We all then applied our foundation ourselves with Jenni the wonderful make up artist watching to give some really useful tips and tricks to flawless foundation.
From here the two head artists at the top of the room doing the live demonstrations took us on to eyes, where we applied eye liner in the color Teddy, thick on to the base of the lashes, really heavy then up to the socket crease, then using a 217 blending brush we began to soften and smoke it out.
Jenni gave a great help when we were blending showing me to only use the tip of the brush really lightly, she said the bristles should not bend.

That tip was my favorite of the day it gave such a great effect really smokey and soft.
We then moved on to brows which we filled in with soft kohl pencil and eye shadows to define them.
The Artists then told us the importance of prepping the lips before a red lip, they told us when you start your make up apply some lip balm to get rid of any dryness, and then just before you apply a red lip, prime with some Mac lip primer and pencil to ensure no running of color  around your mouth and always use a lip brush to apply as it lasts far longer.

The class was really excellent, I got so many tips and new tricks from it, the girls could not have been any more polite and helpful and it was so much fun meeting all the other girls there too.
My beauty haul for the day?
 I bought Skin Brightening Serum, Some red lipstick, shade Ruby Woo, which every woman needs!!!  I got some gorgeous illuminating cream blush highlighter in shade Hush, and finally another lipstick in nude color Viva Glam 2.

Mac really is my happy place :)

product haul :)

Here's a quick video of before and after the class, I cannot believe I am posting this with No Make up on please be kind :)      All in the name of a good Blog xxxx

xxxxx Hairfairy