Shoes Glorious Shoes

Shoes Glorious shoes

Over the last few years i have been collecting shoes from designer to cheap and cheerful. I just decided that id write a blog on this topic from my discoveries that i have made along the way.
I love high street brand shoes as much as the next person and i think its so brilliant that they can pretty much copy whats on the runway for a fraction of the price.
This got me thinking, for the  four pairs of Topshop or River Island you could save up and invest in a designer pair.
In my experience the first pair of designer shoes i got were a gift from my Mam for my" birthday,and christmas,easter and any occasion that year as she put it".
They were Manolo Blahnik black sandal with bows all down the front they were complete heaven!
from the second i tried them on they fit so snug on my foot not too high and they just felt so different than any other shoe i had ever bought.
They are so classic i have them nearly seven years and they never go out of fashion they still give me the same buzz as the day i got them there's something so special about them.
I even wore those Manolo 's on my wedding day they are very special to me.
I really feel i have got so much wear out of those shoes they really are an investment but one i think totally worth while.
The craftsmanship of a designer shoe is so different to a high street shoe the quality is much better and i could literally run a mile in my Manolo's, so comfortable.
I think high street shoes are so brilliant too, really great price points, right on trend and durable -
 but again there's that special something about a designer shoe from Manolo's , Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo,
as you walk taller and make any Dublin City street your runway.
I think the moral of this is really we can never have enough pairs of shoes of any brand or designer - its in our DNA ladies.
Life is too short! treat yourself wear great shoes xxxxxxx.'