Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

Marissa Carter strikes again with another ground breaking new product in the Cocoa Brown range!

Introducing '' Chocolate Whip'' its an oil free body moisturiser that makes your golden tan last longer, makes skin more hydrated, and gives a more even gradual fade of your tan.
I have been putting this product to the test the last couple of weeks and the results were just FANTASTIC!

So being a major tan addict this product has been missing in my life! Normally my tan would wear off  patchy as I could never find a suitable body moisturiser.
I found that Chocolate Whip has been the only product that obsorbed fast and really left my skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated.
My tan is lasting way longer than usual, this product used in conjuction with the Cocoa Brown Tan, really gives bang to your buck!
Chocolate Whip is priced at such a reasonable €7.99 and has made my bottle of Cocoa Brown Tan really stretch which I didn't think was even possible.

This is a brilliant product and is now my most favorite body moisturiser. Chocolate Whip also has a wonderful scent of Tahitian Gardenia and it  smells divine! really reminds me of holidays.