Drawer liners!!!! Yes I am insane :)

Hi Dolls ok I know this is a bit of a random post, but lately I've been on a bit of a Spring cleaning rampage in my house.

So last weekend I did a massive clear out of my clothes and I reorganized  EVERYTHING! Including all my drawers. 
I had been really getting in to watching YoTube videos on storage and getting your closet organized,  in these videos I noticed lots of girls in the USA have scented drawer liners!
I have been looking for these in shops for ages and never found anywhere that sells them. 

So last Sunday I was at Merchants Market in East Wall Dublin with a friend and I found a man named PJ who owns a company called Gifts of the Imagination, and he was selling the most beautiful Drawer Liners. 
All available in different scents, colors and patterns on the fancy paper. 
They were very reasonably priced as I got a few sets some were gifts PJ gave me a great deal. 
I was delighted with them. PJ has lots of great gifts and all available online which I will link bellow. 

I have never seen these anywhere else and I put them in today and my clothes are smelling really gorgeous every time I open my drawers. 
All pricing is available on his website. 
I hope all you OCD clean freaks like me like this post! Xxxxxx 

PS don't judge me