Shampoo/conditioner 101 TIGI PRO

Hi everyone hope your all having a great week so far! 

My product focus is Tigi's new professional range of shampoo and conditioners. 

These come in a twin pack special offer for €20 euro a complete bargain for how brilliant they are. 

So  some knowledge about choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner for you! 

1. Your hair texture example dry, thick

2.have you got colour in your hair

3.have you any scalp or skin conditions ie Psoriasis or dandruff you use a lot of heat or styling products

when choosing the correct shampoo/conditioner ask yourself these questions as you will need to treat the issues above. 

The Tigi new line comes in packs for




They have made it very easy to choose the correct prescription for your hair.

I have tried and tested the coloured pack and have had fantastic results, it's kept my color fresh and vibrant gave me tons of shine and has conditioned my hair so well without being too heavy as my hair is very fine.  

it is so important to use the correct shampoo / conditioner for your hair type, as if you are using the wrong one you can develop a scalp issue or have very greasy dull lank hair.  

I hope this info has helped.  

These sets are available from Hairfairy Hq €20