3 Hair Colour HACKS to Maximise Your Next Appointment

Getting your hair coloured can be a tricky process for a number of reasons and ladies I’m sure you can all relate to why!


Here are some of my top tips when booking a hair colouring service.

Be Realistic

Being realistic is very important. If going from light to dark or vice versa, this could be a process and it might not happen all in one visit no matter how much you might want it to happen.

A good Colourist will tell you this may take some time and discuss the options to get you the look you’re going for or if it is even possible.


Bring Images

Things like Instagram/Pinterest can be a wonderful source of inspiration and ideas, but always ask yourself when you have an image to give to a Colourist

1. Do I have her hair texture?

2. Do I have her hair thickness?

3. Do I have her skin tone/ eye colour?

4. Do I style my hair daily?

5. Can I afford to maintain that hair colour?


Image: Before and After of HairyFairy Client.

When booking the appointment

Make sure to have an idea of exactly what service you require for example.

If you book in for a semi-permanent colour but you want to go lighter all over, this means you really need a full head of highlights; just explain as best you can to the receptionist so can be sure that enough time is allocated to your service.

If you have a lot of hair, I mean lots! Pre-warn when booking so they have plenty of notice and they can be ready when you arrive.

Salons tend to be a far nicer experience earlier in the week like Monday to Thursday, so if you would like a relaxing quieter time in the chair book off peak times.

When going to your hair appointment please make sure your hair is as CLEAN as possible, preferably washed the day before is ideal, the more oily/dirty the hair, the less the Colourist can see the true colour of your hair, also it can effect processing time and how much lift you could get during the service.

Be 100% HONEST about your hair colour history as it is very crucial for the stylist when making decisions on going forward from the clients hair history, honesty is always the best policy.

Finally as a Colourist for many years I always adjust hair colour to the client’s skin tone, eye colour, lifestyle and texture. Try not wear a lot of make up or fake tan the day of your appointment so the Stylist can really see your true tones and shades so they can enhance your beauty to suit YOU best.

Relax during your appointment and trust your Colourist, they want you to leave looking amazeballs!