6 Ingenious Hair Hacks For The Gym

The struggle is real ladies when it comes to gym hair! so this week I hope some of my top tips will help you girls get on top of this issue. Next time you hit the gym give some of these tips a go I promise they won’t disappoint you xxx


Being a Gym bunny is hard enough without having to worry about the hair struggle! 

I am married to a fitness and movement fanatic so it was no wonder it rubbed off on me, a few years back I competed in the Women's Irish Olympic Weightlifting open. 

I trained so intensively for months perfecting the lifts with my coach/ husband (Jody - @jodywankenobi).It was then I came up with these hair tips and tricks

I did win gold in my weight class and set a record a very happy moment! , However I now lift for fun and enjoy training with my husband in all areas of movement. 


Here are my six secret tips that won’t leave you disappointed!

1. Before hitting the gym apply some dry shampoo to the hair, why before I hear you ask? Because the trick is apply it to the hair before the hair gets full of sweat and oils! It’s so much easier to apply to dry cleaner hair rather than after a sweaty workout when the hair can be really damp.


2. Everyone when they go to the gym generally pulls their hair so tight in a ponytail but doing this all the time and using bad hair bands can cause breakage and also too much tension on the hairline can make the hair get thinner over time.

Use soft, snag free hair ties the best ones I have found are available in H&M for €3.99 and come in a selection of colours.


3. Another trick I like to do in the Summer months is before I go for a workout is shampoo your hair over the bath, then apply a deep intensive treatment to the hair then place it up in a bun before I hit the gym. This works so well because it’s a great way of double jobbing you get your sweat on while your treatment repairs your hair.

Also it’s a great way of keeping you cool if your hair is wet for those hot summer gym days.


4. Avoid over washing your hair after a gym session, I know this can be a tough ask but over washing can really dry out and strip your hair of its natural vitality and oils we actually need them.

So try to get some sort of hair regime going for your weekly gym trips, like go to the gym the evenings you are due to wash your hair, not on the days that you have it freshly blow dried.


5. Gym hair styles do not have to be boring I think it’s a place you get away with a bit of experimentation! get out of your hair comfort zone, for example don’t play it safe every time with a pony tail, Braid it up or think two cute French Plaits, or a textured topknot, hey if all else fails invest in some cute clips or hair bands to stay looking cute but practical at the same time. Penney’s hair range is really great for this.


6. Get some California ‘beachy’ hair by using some salt sprays or texturizing spray, the alcohol in the formulas helps sweat to evaporate.