How to Blow Dry Your Hair at Home for MAXIMUM Results

At my studio one of the most common problems I hear from my Clients is “How can I achieve a really smooth professional blow-dry at home.”


So ladies in this week’s article I am going to give you a step by step guide of just how to get bouncy smooth and professional looking finish from home and this will be life changing when perfected!

1. Towel dry the hair off as much as possible. Gently add a leave in conditioner if you like from mid length to ends this will reduce tangles and protect the hair from heat of the hairdryer.

2. Roughly dry the hair until it is 80% dry just using your fingers.


3. Section the hair in to two pieces. Make the top section a horseshoe section, this will be done last.


4. Use a round ceramic brush as it will straighten and smooth out the hair for a glossy finish. Use your hairdryer on a medium heat to hot. Point the Hairdryer in a downward direction following the brush smoothing all the frizz downwards and away from the face. Remember that this is the underneath section and it doesn’t have to be perfect.


5. All your hard work should go on the horseshoe top section, lift the hair upwards in 1 inch small sections to create lift and volume pointing backwards away from your face. The trick here is getting right in to the roots using lots of tension to smooth out any curls or kinks. Once you tamed the roots, continue over and over until the ends are nice and smooth.


6. Finally all the hair should be dry and smooth blast the hair with some cold air to close to cuticles and hold shape. For a final professional finish add some shine spray or serum just to the mid-length ends, remember a little goes a long way.

(If you have fine hair it might be best to not use any finishing products as it will pro-long the blow-dry)

7. Take a selfie! (If this post has helped you please Instagram/Tweet/Facebook share your pictures using the #hairfairyhacks)


My Pro Tips!

Invest in a good hairdryer the more powerful the better! it will save you lots of time and help you achieve greatness!

Always use a Nozzle on your blow dryer without one your hair will have major frizz and not be cute, you need a nozzle to direct the heat and air on to the hair to make it smooth and shiny

Clean your hairbrushes and combs regularly as just like make up brushes they will hold bacteria and oils causing bad hair days

Always finish your blow-dry with a blast of cold air, it will set the hair in place and close the hair cuticles after using heat.