How to Fight the Fade of your Hair Colour!

3 Ways to STOP Your Hair Colour From Fading


How to fight the fade of your hair colour! 

Have you ever wondered why your hair colour fades so much between visits to the salon?

Well today I am going to give you some of my top tips on combating this issue, so your hair stays vibrant and glossy for as long as possible.



Shampoo is key here!

Are you currently using a shampoo for coloured hair? Chances are that if you are not using one specific for coloured hair, it could be removing the colour from your hair as we speak!

Shampoos formulated for coloured hair are designed to pro long your hairs vibrancy and tones.

You can even get these shampoos specifically for your hair colour i.e. blonde, brunette or reds; they contain some concentrated tone to keep your colour in tip top shape.



Making sure your hair is in great condition will pro long the colour also. The less porous the hair, or less damaged means the colour will take and stay much better.

Using conditioner just is NOT enough, hair needs treating regularly, I recommend once a week or every 10 days.

A treatment will penetrate the hair shaft and repair and restore the cuticles, conditioner will only coat the surface of the hair for a temporary measure.

I would advise you to invest some money in a good treatment because the results will be so worth it!


Heat Protector Spray

We live in a culture where we have access to the best hair tool technologies, for example GHD or curling wands, but these awesome tools can go up to 200 Celsius!!!

When you apply this kind of heat to the hair daily with zero protection, it will totally dehydrate the hair making it really dry and brittle, this also affects the hair when we then go to colour it, as the hair is so damaged it is not able to function and absorb the colour correctly.

With heavily highlighted or bleached blondes I would avoid heated tools and limit use completely.

However if you are going to use them it’s so much better to use a heat protector to create a barrier between your hair and the heat.

Heat protectors you use on dry hair before placing the tool on top.